Little Boy Blue

Snips, snails and puppy dog tails

Little baby boy

I wanted you so, I had to have you

My little bundle of joy

No home, no man, no money

But all the love you’ll ever need

And so you were born into this world,

Just only you and me


Fresh as a fresh new spring blade of grass

My little baby blue

Cutest thing on God’s green earth

Blondest blondie you.

“Do as you are told” she said

“I know what’s best” said she

“Everything is under control”

“You can trust in me”


Go outside and play my love

My little innocent

Friends and summer, kites and bikes

Days in goodness spent

Grow and grow as little boys do

Silly boyish charm

I see the man you will become,

I’ll keep you safe from harm


Come inside my little boy,

Be sure to close the gate

Leave your shoes outside the door,

Don’t make mother wait.

Father’s out, so we can talk

My little blondie blue

Come inside, my love, and I

will show you something new


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